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Shigekix Super Sour Candy - White Soda
Currently unavailable
Brand: Shigekix
Manufacturer: UHA
Lip-puckering, sour chewy candies that will have you coming back for more! These are available in at least 4 flavors during the year and all have very accurate flavors. How many can you handle in your mouth at one time? Foil re-sealable pack ensures freshness.
Weight: 25 grams
Shigekix Super Sour Candy - White Soda
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Talk about cute a gummy, not to mention the wonderful packaging. The Nintendo game, Splatoon, has come to candy shelves in Japan. Soft, squid shaped candy flavored in both Orange Soda and Melon Soda. You may even get lucky and find an octopus shaped one inside! Limited edition so act fast! Resealable pouch so you can ensure freshness.
A unique watermelon gummy that burst with accurate flavor and gives you a hint of tartness along with plenty of sweetness. Enjoy these very soft and detailed gummy triangular pieces. So good that it is hard to eat just a few!
These soft and fruity peach flavored gummy candies have all the flavor of the popular Calpis yogurt drink. Inside each gummy is a pocket of peach jelly syrup to give them even more flavor. The outer layer has a light powder that gives it added texture and taste accuracy.
Woo-hoo! Cola flavored soft cubed, marshmallow-like gummies that change texture depending on the temperature. This is a limited edition pack. The gummies contain collagen which is beneficial for your skin.
Sweet Japanese white peach flavor! These gummy candies are made by one of the best confectionery makers in the country: Meiji! These are even shaped like tiny peaches too and have a wonderful soft texture. Contains 2200 mg of Collagen which has been proven beneficial for your skin.
These sweet and tart sugar coated gummy candies have recently been taking off in popularity in Japan. We plan to list all of the flavors available at any given time. They are shaped like flat fettuccine pasta and have a perfect texture with accurate flavoring. Resealable pouch so you can ensure freshness.
What a wonderful unique candy by the makers of Chupa Chups. Enjoy all of the flavor you are used to in their lollies but this time in soft gummy candy form. The foil resealable bag contains lolly shaped gummy candies in 3 flavors: Cherry, Peach, and Muscate Green Grape. An excellent balance of sweetness and tartness with accurate flavoring.
These limited edition soft gummy candies have various Ghostbusters movie character drawings on them. It is a mix pack of Muscat (Green Grape) and Cola. Awesome collectors pack of candy. Get them before they are gone. Long shelf life so stock up!
Disney's TsumTsum is one of the hottest smartphone game in Japan. The game depicts all of your favorite characters with super cute, round squishy heads. There is a random mix of grape gummy candy characters within each pack. Also, you get a mini sticker sheet attached. There are 10 random sticker sheets in all. Limited Edition so act fast!
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