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Caramel - Morinaga Cacao Chocolate
Currently unavailable
Brand: Morinaga
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Deep cacao chocolate flavoring throughout these traditionally made caramels. 12 individually wrapped cubes per box. The old-fashioned box design adds to the eating enjoyment.

Expect a handful of new caramel flavors from Morinaga each year.

Weight: 58 grams
Caramel - Morinaga Cacao Chocolate
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A must for every "bentoist". Many Japanese convenience stores add these sheets to their bentos. Although they are not a guarantee against harmful bacteria, they are proven to cut bacteria back dramatically. Perishable foods should always be well refrigerated and eaten within a reasonable time-frame. These sheets will give you peace-of-mind when transporting your lovely bento.
'Pine Ame' is a popular pineapple flavored candy that can now be enjoyed in whistle candy form. A classic Japanese snack that comes with a small boxed toy. These deliciously flavored compressed sugar candy tablets double as a whistle. Just blow through the hole to turn your candy into music. Eight coin-sized, thick candies on each sealed card.
Japanese festivals (matsuri) offer tons of wonderful treats. Morinaga does a nice job of replicating the popular snack, chilled pineapple, and they taste most accurate if you put them in the refrigerator first. This is a non-standard 7 piece short pack.
DARS is one of Morinaga's standard products. There are 12 bitter pieces of dark chocolate wrapped in a foil packet within the box. You will enjoy these melting in your mouth while experiencing a high quality chocolate taste. Usually available in a few different flavors so mix and match!
A fizzy update to a wonderful product. It starts off as a compressed piece of dry cotton candy. When it enters your mouth it goes through a transformation and actually becomes gum! Incredible and so unique.
Snow Apollo is a seasonal release that combines 3 flavors of chocolate: white (coating), strawberry (center), milk chocolate (base.) A larger version than usual as these individually wrapped pieces come in a box meant for sharing. Opens on the top face which makes it great for parties.
Back for another yummy season! Creamy and thick, whipped chocolate on a chocolate cookie stick. Meiji offers a Pocky-like product in a more deluxe fashion. Fran is gaining a lot of popularity in Japan and there are usually about 6-10 new flavor releases each year.
Introducing a delicious strawberry (ichigo) showdown all in one box of LOOK chocolates. Fujiya takes two nationally famous strawberry varieties and fills the 12 chocolates with two combos. Six pieces contain a strawberry mousse and sauce while the other six pieces contain fresh cream mousse with strawberry sauce. Limited edition!
Celebrate one of the cutest bears in Japan 'Kumamon' who hails from the Kumamoto prefecture. Delicious cocoa milk chocolate surrounds cookie bits on a chocolate Pocky stick! Eat them straight or use them to decorate an ice cream dessert. Glico makes such high quality sweets!
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