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Pepsi Cola Shot - EX (extra caffeeine)
Currently unavailable
Brand: Pepsi Cola
Manufacturer: Pepsi Japan
"Enjoy the shot of cola with strong caffeine, for long working hours." I believe the label as the 38mg of caffeine did give me a boost. You gotta also love the short STEEL can. Great for sipping not chugging. Wonderful for Pepsi collectors.

Pepsi Japan has been releasing 2 unique flavors annually over the past few years. Always check for new flavors in late spring and late autumn.

Pepsi Cola Shot - EX (extra caffeeine)
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This unique soda carries a wonderful deep taste of wild berries along with other fruit flavors. Nobody can really come to a consensus to the exact flavor. It is very hard to describe as it is so different than anything you may have tried. It is a very sweet, dark carbonated soda and contains caffeine. It is very popular in Hokkaido, where napaJapan is located. J-san recommended!
Pepsi Japan injects some American Cherry flavor into their famous cola brand and come up with this tasty limited edition release. An interesting collectable for the avid cola fan as the label has Japanese characters on it. Won't be around for long!
"High Fibre / Fat Blocking" Pepsi is how it is being advertised here in Japan. All the flavor of Pepsi you enjoy but with apparent health benefits. It can stabilize ones glucose level, lower serum lipids, and increase the absorbance of nutrients. An interesting collectable for the avid cola fan!
Try the sweet and tart flavor of Okinawa Shikuwasa fruit in Fanta form...but only for a limited time! Accurate green tangerine taste with just the right amount of carbonation. Great for collectors too as this product is made by Coca Cola exclusively to the Japanese market. We list a bunch of other refreshing beverages too.
Finally available in Japan, Coca Cola Life has fewer calories but still packs the sweet punch you enjoy in Classic Coke. Only 19 Calories per 100 mL, this product is sweetened with stevia (a sugar substitute), along with sugar. Very refreshing and can be enjoyed straight, on the rocks, as a mixer, or in a ice cream float! The label has Japanese printing on the back so it makes it a nice collectors piece too.
Simply add 120cc (120mL) of cold water to the powder and stir. Let it settle for a minute and you will see the foamy head appear above the yellow beer-like beverage. It has a sweet white grape flavor and it is non-carbonated. Great for gags and parties! Limited quantities so act fast.
Lemon 'Squash' soda is very popular in Japan. Made from high concentrate lemon juice (cordial) it gives you a nice balance of sweet and sour. Just the right amount of carbonation and very refreshing. Beautiful aluminum collectors bottle too!
JAPAN EXCLUSIVE PEPSI! Now you can have zero calorie Pepsi with extra caffeine which may give you an extra lift in your day. All the flavor of Pepsi Zero flavor you enjoy but with 95 mg of caffeine per bottle. An interesting collectable for the avid cola fan! The regular Pepsi Strong will be released in Japan on July 14, 2105.
Many people enjoy Pepsi NEX Zero over Coca Cola Zero since it tastes closer to the original formula than the latter. This is a Japan Only release in the plastic Hybrid bottle. Great for collectors. Always available and always fresh.
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