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Mentos - Mystery Rainbow Mix (7 Flavors)
Currently unavailable
Brand: Mentos
Manufacturer: Perfetti Van Melle
7 Exciting Fruit Flavors in one rainbow roll: Grape, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Green Apple, plus a mystery flavor. A superb way to sample all of the unique Japanese Mentos flavors. J-san recommended!

The original Freshmaker! Always at least 6 flavors available, most of them unique to Japan. Made in Holland and packaged for the Japanese market. (Collectors love the Japanese wrappers.) Mentos have a very long shelf-life so you can stock up without worry. Enjoy this FRESH flavor!

Quantity: 14 pieces per roll
Weight: 37 grams
Flavor: see item description
Mentos - Mystery Rainbow Mix (7 Flavors)
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Taste 4 limited edition green fruit Hi Chew flavors in one pack! This collection includes some unique tastes rarely released: Muscat Of Alexandria, Crown Melon, Italian Lime, and Hayward Kiwi . 18 individually wrapped pieces within the foil bag. Won't be around for too long so stock up. Long shelf life!
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What a wonderful idea for a new Hi Chew flavor! The sweet and tart mini kumquat (kinkan) flavored with honey (hachimitsu.) Be sure to stock up while this limited edition is still around. Accurate honey flavored soft candy surrounds a white kumquat flavored chew center. Highly recommended as these will liven up any mouth!
A very traditional candy best known for its dissolving, edible potato starch paper wrapper. These chewy jellies have a slight citrus flavor and are sweetened perfectly just like the Kyushu bontan fruit. There are 14 delicious pieces per pack.
These delicious soft chewable candies are a sweet golden pineapple flavor and contain 20mg of Vitamin C per candy. The foil resealable pack ensures freshness. Camu Camu are available in a variety of flavors throughout the year.
A very bizarre Puccho offering as the main flavor is olive! A small island in Kyushu is the only place in Japan that produces domestic olives. Embedded in the green soft candy is fizzy soda candy bits and chewy gummy candy. This is a limited edition so please act fast.
This is a non-standard 7-piece pack. Hi Chu has a perfect balance of chewiness, creaminess, and fruitiness. They have been an important part of the Japanese candy scene since 1975. Great for all ages! Always at least 10 flavors available ranging from fruits to sodas. Try a variety and keep checking back for the newest releases.
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