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Hi Chew - Lemon Squash (Eight Ranger)
Currently unavailable
Brand: Hi Chu
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Refreshing lemon soda flavored Hi Chew are so juicy, fruity and chewy that you won't be able to stop eating them. Plus, this package adorns the cute "8 Rangers" from the famous agency Johnny and Associates, hence the strange product name. Enjoy!

Hi Chu has a perfect balance of chewiness, creaminess, and fruitiness. They have been an important part of the Japanese candy scene since 1975. Great for all ages! Always at least 10 flavors available ranging from fruits to sodas. Try a variety and keep checking back for the newest releases.

Quantity: 12 piece pack
Weight: 55 grams
Hi Chew - Lemon Squash (Eight Ranger)
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These are quite interesting! Bold French cheese bits are embedded within a red wine flavored Puccho candy. There is a very small amount of alcohol inside. Have manufacturers in Japan run out of ideas? Truly a bizarre eating experience. Very limited edition release with a long shelf life so stock up. Would make a great gift or a great conversation starter.
A very bizarre Puccho offering as the main flavor is olive! A small island in Kyushu is the only place in Japan that produces domestic olives. Embedded in the green soft candy is fizzy soda candy bits and chewy gummy candy. This is a limited edition so please act fast.
A whole new way to enjoy Hi Chew! The handy resealable pouch contains a round Hi Chew that takes on a grape shape. They are crispy on the outside with a candy coating and the centers are chewy. This red grape version has a very deep and rich flavor. Check out the numerous Hi Chew (Hi Chu) flavors we offer!
Morinaga has added tiny crunchy strawberry bits to the exterior of the Hi Chew giving them texture and a new look. Rich, sweet, and accurate 'ichigo' strawberry flavor. White chewy strawberry flavored candy centers round out the full-on eating experience.
Not often do we see a fizzy mango flavored candy...and for it to be Mentos...what a great surprise! A new world flavor series was introduced in Japan so expect a few different flavors throughout the year. Japan always has a wide range of Mentos flavors available and napaJapan stocks them all. Long shelf life so always very fresh!
Not your average Puccho! These mini cone-shaped gummy candies are packed in a curvy plastic bottle with a resealable top. There is a mix of melon soda and ramune (white ctirus soda) flavors in each pack. The gummy candy is the same you find embedded in the classic Puccho soft candy. They carry a very accurate flavor and are fun to mix and match.
Not your regular Puccho!! These are in ball form and have crispy outer shells. You will find the chewy soda flavored candy on the inside. You can suck on these longer, or if you trust the strength of your teeth, crunch away. The eating experience is wonderful as it gives you a very accurate taste. Cool triangular shaped box!
Cola Puccho just got cooler! UHA has upgraded their famous chews by adding a cooling powder which gives it fizz and more of a soda taste. Chewy beige nougat candy pieces just brimming with flavor. Fully satisfying and not too sticky for your teeth.
A lovely and accurate peach flavor that will have you craving more! Hard on the outside and chewy in the middle. The foil resealable pack ensures freshness. Camu Camu are available in a variety of flavors throughout the year.
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