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Hi Chew Dessert - Dorayaki
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Brand: Hi Chu
Manufacturer: Morinaga
Two thin, wonderful stretchy 15 cm (6") sticks of Hi Chew that are flavored donut and sweet red bean. Mix them together in your mouth and the famous Japanese "Dorayaki" flavor is formed! Fun product wrapped in a foil sleeve. These are "Chou" (extremely) delicious.

Hi Chu has a perfect balance of chewiness, creaminess, and fruitiness. They have been an important part of the Japanese candy scene since 1975. Great for all ages! Always at least 10 flavors available ranging from fruits to sodas. Try a variety and keep checking back for the newest releases.

Weight: 18 grams
Hi Chew Dessert - Dorayaki
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Taste 4 fruity Hi Chew flavors in one pack! This collection includes a Grapefruit Blend (Pink & White), Grape, Strawberry, and Green Apple flavors. 21 individually wrapped pieces within the foil bag. Won't be around for too long so stock up. Long shelf life!
These are quite interesting! Bold French cheese bits are embedded within a red wine flavored Puccho candy. There is a very small amount of alcohol inside. Have manufacturers in Japan run out of ideas? Truly a bizarre eating experience. Very limited edition release with a long shelf life so stock up. Would make a great gift or a great conversation starter.
A whole new way to enjoy Hi Chew! The handy resealable pouch contains a round Hi Chew that takes on a grape shape. They are crispy on the outside with a candy coating and the centers are chewy. This white grape version has a very unique tart and sweet flavor. Check out the numerous Hi Chew (Hi Chu) flavors we offer!
A limited edition variety mix pack of Puccho combining "super" fruits with standard ones. The flavors included are Banana/Acai Berry, Guava/Pineapple, Mango/Acerola, and Graviola/Green Apple. There are 20 individually wrapped pieces of these soft candies with gummy bits embedded throughout. Act fast because they will likely only be around for a few months!
An extremely rare Puccho flavor which is only found on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido where the famous Yubari melons are grown. Melon gummy bits embedded throughout each piece. There are five wrapper designs in all featuring the cute melon head characters in a Hokkaido setting.
Talk about full-on green grape flavor! The rich taste of juicy muscat grape flavored candy encases an even richer dry fruit sheet of muscat grape. The mouth watering experience will have you craving more and please stock up (limited edition.) Very accurate flavor and addictive! Package design is different than shown.
A new world flavor series is introduced in Japan. Enjoy an accurate tart and sweet pink lemonade taste. Japan always has a wide range of Mentos flavors available and napaJapan stocks them all. Long shelf life so always very fresh!
These delicious soft chewable candies are a sweet Japanese mandarin orange flavor and contain 20mg of Vitamin C per candy. The foil resealable pack ensures freshness. Camu Camu are available in a variety of flavors throughout the year.
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