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Choco Ball - Mister Donut Version

Choco Ball - Mister Donut Version

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Suggested Freshness date is end of November 2022 and will taste fresh well beyond. Pon De Ring is a signature donut on Japan's Mister Donut menu that has a unique shape of 8 mini dough balls connected in a ring. They have a "mochi" texture which is chewier than a regular donut. So in this special Choco Ball release, each mini chocolate ball has a mochi gummy inside to mimic the texture. The flavor is of their signature Pon De Ring donut. Every child In Japan knows Kyoro-Chan who is the cute bird character found on every box, always dressed up to suit the flavor.  This time the chocolate balls are served in a re-sealable foil pouch. 39 grams

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