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Coca Cola - White Peach

Coca Cola - White Peach

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Freshness date is May 23, 2019 but carbonation will be fine for months! This combination of peach (momo) and cola does not disappoint. We were blown away by last year's powerful accurate peachy taste while still enjoying the cola flavor undertones. This new, seasonal spring flavor arrives just in time for Valentine's Day and the blossoming flowers of early spring. It contains 1% of real peach extract to create an accurate taste. This is exclusive to the Japanese market and will surely be a huge hit. 

 An interesting collectible for the avid cola fan! 

Coca Cola Japan is starting to match Pepsi with their unique releases.

500 ml

** NOTE that full soda bottles are very heavy so shipping costs will be much higher than for typical candy. We must pack these securely to prevent damage, so packing material will also add weight to your parcel. **


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