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Crunky - Agepan (Sugar Bread) Chocolate Bar

Crunky - Agepan (Sugar Bread) Chocolate Bar


Agepan is a deep fried sugar bread that is popular in kids school lunches. You can experience this sweet taste within the chocolate. Don't also forget the crunchy puffs inside which gives it a great texture. These are bake-able and they recommend toasting them for 2 minutes in a 800W toaster oven. Limited edition so act fast before they are gone forever. Foil wrapped bar within the slim box. 45 grams

Tip: Refrigerate: Even more delicious when eaten cold! Foil wrapped sectional bar in a cardboard box. Lotte releases a half dozen new Crunky bar flavors each year. Keep up to date with all of them at napaJapan!

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