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zz-- Chocoball Vintage LCD Mini Game --zz

zz-- Chocoball Vintage LCD Mini Game --zz


This fully functioning, never used, Morinaga Chocoball mini LCD mini game was a very unique release. Not often did we see candy manufacturers offer custom electronic games in the day. This will give you the feel of a time gone by. It takes one watch battery (since the original is now likely expired) and is the classic game of Kyoro-Chan (the parrot) eating chocolate balls. A simple but satisfying retro mini unit that measures 8 x 7 cm (3.5"x 2.7") 

We believe that this is from the early 90s. We have slid the back card out to take a photo of the back of the unit. You will see that the tape between the battery is still in place. There is minor discoloration due to age but it has never been used.

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