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zz-- Sapporo 1972 Winter Olympics - Hardcover Book  --zz

zz-- Sapporo 1972 Winter Olympics - Hardcover Book --zz


This 50 year old book captured the 11th Olympic Winter Games here in Sapporo, the home of napaJapan! There are colorful pictures on every page and shows a simpler Olympiad with less technology and sponsors and more focus on sport. We have taken a few pictures from the book. It has over 150 pages and it is all in Japanese, however it is meant to be more of a picture book as there is little writing.

The condition is used but in very good condition considering the age. There is a small tear at the top of the front covering. We found very little damage in the book (a couple pages with tiny tears on the edge) and it has that old library book aroma.

It is a hard cover book that measures 26 x 26 x 2.5 cm (about 10.25 10.25 x 1") so it is quite heavy.


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