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Pocky - 2 Large Pack Variety (SET C)

Pocky - 2 Large Pack Variety (SET C)


This is a great way to try 2 special Pocky that has a different look from standard fare. The sticks are thicker and shorter but the chocolate is spread thicker than on a usual Pocky offering. As always, 80% of the crispy cookie stick is surrounded by chocolate. You get 10 individually wrapped foil packs that contain 2 sticks each. Take advantage of getting unique Japanese Pocky flavors at a reduced price. 

The TWO large packs you will receive in this set are: Almond Milk Chocolate and Rich Butter Milk Chocolate. Package designs may differ slightly due to production runs. The weight of each packs are: 110 and 120 grams respectively. This set won't be around for long. There are ten individually wrapped packs of 2 sticks per bag. Long shelf life of mid 2022 and beyond, so snap some up and save for a later date. 

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