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Pretz - Milk

Pretz - Milk

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Freshness date is end of September 2022 but will taste like new well after this manufacture's suggested date. This is one of the most simple but delicious Pretz flavors in quite some time. Milk flavored cracker sticks that have a hint of sweetness. You can mix these with a regular Pretz flavor to create a creamy blend. For example, chomp on both a Tomato Pretz and Milk Pretz at the same time to come up with creamy tomato pasta flavor.

Find all your favorite Pretz flavors at napaJapan. Here is another classic flavor of vegetable salad for you to enjoy anytime of the day. Delicious with any beverage. Two sealed packets of seasoned pretzel cracker sticks within the box. Only 7.8 grams of fat per packet and only 153 Calories. Delicious! 60 grams

Pretz are a wonderful stick cracker that are seasoned well. Flavors vary from fruits and sweets to meats. New Pretz are released every few months. Keep checking back for the latest.

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