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Pringles - Roasted Seaweed (Tall Can)

Pringles - Roasted Seaweed (Tall Can)


This Pringles flavor has Japan written all over it. First off, it is packaged in the new Pringles-Man designed logo can which has a simple look on a dark green background. Roasted seaweed sheets (nori) blended into each crisp giving them a nice salty sea flavor. Bonito fish flakes are also added to give it extra flavoring! Available for a short time. A must eat for any Pringles fan. "Once you pop, you can't stop!" Especially with some of these unique flavors.

Beautiful graphics adorn each can making them a desired item for collectors. In Japan cans are released in 2 different sizes. This is the 97 gram tall thin can.

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