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Puccho Soft Candy Chews - Shari Shari Mikan

Puccho Soft Candy Chews - Shari Shari Mikan

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Freshness date is end of January 2023. "Shari Shari" is the Japanese onomatopoeia which means crispy. Embedded in each Puccho piece are crispy crystals that mimic an icy cooling action. With every chew you will experience a Japanese mandarin orange flavor along with both the crispy and gummy textures inside. Gummy candies are embedded in the soft orange candy chew. Act fast because they will likely only be around for a few months! This is a limited edition Puccho release. 10 piece pack

Puccho has become a huge hit in Japan and there are usually 5-10 different flavors available throughout the year. Mix and match and find your favorite flavors.

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