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Snack Pack Set - 9 items (Spring 2020)

Snack Pack Set - 9 items (Spring 2020)

$9.99 $26.73

A great way to sample some fantastic Japanese candy at a discounted price!

Included in this set:

Nobel Super Sour Lemon Hard Candy, Yubari Melon Caramels, Hi Chew Deluxe Grape, Milky Cream Filled Chocolate Bar, Bontan Ame Citrus Chews, Mentos Bitter Chocolate Filled, Hai Lemon Candy Tablets, LOOK Assorted Strawberry Chocolate Bar, and Tirol White Chocolate Cookies Mini Cubes.

The 9 items are marked with freshness dates of from mid summer to late winter 2020. 

This set is sold as is and we cannot substitute out different products or flavors.

Act fast as these sets are extremely limited.

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