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Airmail Shipping is BACK!

After a 3 year hiatus, Japan Post has reinstated small packet Airmail to 5 major markets: USA, CANADA, UK, GERMANY, and FRANCE

The pandemic created an airline shortage which has finally been resolved after tourism levels increased greatly this year.

This Airmail shipping method is for parcels up to 2 kg (4.5 lbs.) gross weight. We expect that it will take about 7-14 business days to arrive. There is no tracking code provided for this service but registered mail will be an option soon.

We now offer 3 levels of delivery speed. Surface Mail will take 8-12 weeks while EMS/UPS will take about 1 week.

This Airmail shipping method is the best balance between speed and cost and is highly recommended. 

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Thanks for your patience during these past few years!


J-san (owner of napaJapan)