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December 2019 - Shipping Break

Thank you for your continued interest and business. We are a family operation and as a team we personally pick, pack, and ship your orders on a daily basis. It is important to us that your orders are fulfilled and shipped within two business days.

BUT...from time to time we will take short holidays in order to recharge our batteries. In the last half of December we will be on a slightly longer holiday than usual so we will not be able to ship out parcels between December 17 - 29.

Of course you can still place your orders during this time. You can still contact us too! Please understand that our response time may not be as quick as when we are in the office though.

If you place an order during the last half of December 2019, these are the adjusted estimated delivery times for the three shipping options we offer...

EMS : January 3 - 8

AIRMAIL : January 8 -13

SAL : January 13 - 27

During the holiday season it is common to see delays in the postal system so we appreciate your patience if your parcel arrives past the estimated date. Please keep your eyes open for many more new products to be listed over the next month.