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Energy Drink Candy - MARVEL (Set of 6 Characters)

Energy Drink Candy - MARVEL (Set of 6 Characters)

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Freshness date is end of January 2021. These are made by UHA and are usually branded as Ninja Meishi with awesome ninja artwork on the pack. But this limited edition MARVEL collaboration is fantastic as you get all 6 characters in the set: Spider Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, and Captain America. What a fantastic collectible from Japan that won't be around for long.

These have a unique hard texture for a gummy candy. A thin crispy energy drink flavored coating surrounds a honey and royal jelly flavored chewy center. This pouch has a zip lock seal to ensure freshness. We plan to carry all of the limited edition flavors as they are released. 20 grams

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