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Fanta Furu Furu Shaker - Melon Soda

Fanta Furu Furu Shaker - Melon Soda


Finally in Melon Soda flavor ahead of summer 2019. Japanese "Furu Furu" Fanta Shakers are back for a limited time! Shake this cold Fanta can 10 times and then open. Your mouth will be treated with a carbonated melon jelly soda. Such a bizarre texture but so delicious and satisfying. These steel cans are quite small and contain 180 ml (6 oz.) of product.

Stock up as these won't be around for long. Best before dates are summer 2019.

** NOTE that full soda bottles and cans are very heavy so shipping costs will be much higher than for typical candy. We must pack these securely to prevent damage, so packing material will also add weight to your parcel. **

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