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Frito Lay Tortilla Chips - Genghis Khan (Grilled Lamb)

Frito Lay Tortilla Chips - Genghis Khan (Grilled Lamb)


Experience a Hokkaido delicacy in corn chip format! Genghis Khan is the tasty marinated grilled lamb BBQ dish that is so popular all over the most northern island of Japan. These sure look like Doritos! Heck...they are even shaped like mini Doritos. Wait!!! They are made by Frito Lay too? Yes folks...These are pretty much Doritos but branded separately within the Frito Lay product menu.  A very accurate flavor of saucy grilled lamb on the crunchy tortilla chips. Limited Japanese edition. Beautiful bag for collectors.

Each year, Frito Lay Japan releases about 10 different flavors. Please keep checking back to stay up to date on the latest.

55 grams

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