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Jagariko Potato Sticks - Ko Ume Sour Plum

Jagariko Potato Sticks - Ko Ume Sour Plum


An incredible collaboration of Lotte's Ko Ume sour candy and Calbee's Jagariko potato sticks. Your mouth will be treated to sourness, saltiness, and even a bit of sweetness. This limited edition version will surely satisfy you. Crunchy, perfectly seasoned potato sticks made by Calbee, the most recognized potato chip maker in Japan. Convenient cup container with a peel-off lid will have you chomping in no time!

The sticks are finger-length and pencil-thick and you can see the flavor embedded throughout. Great with any beverage.

Calbee releases about six limited edition flavors every year. Please keep checking back for the new releases.

52 grams

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