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Japanese Dagashi Candy Set & Mystery Gift (Summer 2017)

Japanese Dagashi Candy Set & Mystery Gift (Summer 2017)


We have upgraded our gift pack for the summer! Experience a fun variety of popular Japanese sweets and snacks in one customized pack. will receive a Japanese themed mystery gift (non-edible) which could be anything from stationery, accessories, or unique gadgets. (See the sample gift in the second photo.) We will be releasing a new set each season. Read on for the content details.

Enclosed in the Summer 2017 Dagashi pack are: Disney Lolliop (random flavor), Pachi Pachi Grape Popping Candy, Puku Puku Strawberry Airy Chocolate Filled Fish Shaped Cookie, Juicy Cider Tablet Candy, Hi Chew Pineapple, Bisuko Cream Cookies, Cat's Paw Peach Gummy Candy, 126 cm long Cola/Soda Gummy, Umaibo Corn Crunch Stick (random flavor) and a unique non-edible Japanese themed MYSTERY GIFT!

Package designs can vary depending on stock. If you order more than one, we will be sure to send different mystery gifts.

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