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Japanese Snack Set A - 8 Piece Pack (Spring 2017)

Japanese Snack Set A - 8 Piece Pack (Spring 2017)

$13.99 $18.50

We now offer Japanese snack sets, in various sizes, for those who want a delicious variety of popular treats. napaJapan has hundreds of products in its catalog, therefore it can sometimes be difficult and time consuming to go through the whole inventory and come up with an order. Unlike other sites there is no subscription required! These snack sets would make perfect gifts too.

We have chosen a wide spectrum of products that are often added to our customers' carts so they all have a seal of approval by real Japanese candy fans. The 8 items all have freshness dates which are at least 3 months out. You will save at least 20% by purchasing the set over ordering each item individually.

Included in this set: Koala No March Custard Pudding, Super Mario Gummy Candy, Fran Whipped Chocolate Cookie Sticks, Kinako Mochi (Sweet Soy Powder) Chocolate Cubes, Chelsea Butterscotch Hard Candy, Puku Puku Tai Strawberry Chocolate Cookie, Mentos Fresh Cola, and Kids Beer Mix (Apple Flavor.)

Act fast as this particular set will only be available from April - May 2017 (or until supplies are gone.)

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