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Kaju Juicy Gummy Candy - Mix Berry SMOOTHIE

Kaju Juicy Gummy Candy - Mix Berry SMOOTHIE

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Freshness date is mid October, 2019. A new twist to the famous Meiji gummy candies! This smoothie version contains a bunch of healthy ingredients including: spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, green pepper, red pepper, parsley, apple and komatsuna (mustard spinach.) Don't worry as the rasperry and strawberry flavor makes these sweet and tasty. These limited edition gummies are sure to be a hit since they are very limited in release. They have a red color and the pack contains 2600 mg of Collagen which has been proven beneficial for your skin. 51 grams

Resealable foil pouch to ensure they stay fresh. Package design may be slightly different as shown in both photos.

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