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Koala No March Cookies - Lemon Tart

Koala No March Cookies - Lemon Tart


The famous pâtissier Franck Muller of Geneve (Ginza 1992) has collaborated with Lotte to come up with this special flavor and design. The lemon peel enhances the accurate flavor of the filling. Why not relax yourself on a cold day while you enjoy these cookies with a hot beverage? Briefly pop them in the microwave (10 seconds) to warm your tummy. Lotte puts out these seasonal editions every year so please grab yours before they are gone! You can also try them cold (frozen) for a refreshing treat. Special Franck Muller character designs on these limited edition Koala No March cookies. 48 grams

These come in a variety of flavors throughout the year. Each cookie has a Koala character design on it displaying different clothes, poses, facial expressions etc. Unique hexagon box with a sealed foil bag inside containing the cookies. The perfect snack to give your day a lift.

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