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Majo-Majo Neru-Neru DIY Witches Candy Kit

Majo-Majo Neru-Neru DIY Witches Candy Kit


Only a witch could come up with this unique fizzy strawberry and grape flavor creation. A fun 6-step candy kit where you create the final product! The crushed candy toppings make it look delightful. If sticky, sweet, fizzy and colorful candy is your thing you must try this product. All steps are laid out in graphic form on the back of the package. 19 gram

Only 1 scoop (included) of water is needed in step 1. The rest is easy to figure out. To eat, dip the gooey mixture into the colorful candies. Enjoy the popping action and lovely flavors. Fun Fun Fun...or Sticky Sticky Sticky! Either way, it is yummy.

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