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Moko Moko Foaming Candy Toilet Kit - Ver.3

Moko Moko Foaming Candy Toilet Kit - Ver.3


Put together a mini plastic toilet, add the water & powders to the tank, and stir the bowl. Watch the delicious foaming candy expand from the bowl. Three flavors included: Cider, Melon, and Strawberry. Very edible! Very odd! Very cute! **WE RANDOMLY CHOOSE THE COLOR unless you order more than one, where we will try to send different ones. This country series has France, America, China, and Japan as toilet options.

You can always refer to YouTube video instructions if you are unsure of the process. There are seals inside to decorate each toilet. After you eat the contents you can clean the toilet and use it as a cute mini plant pot or storage for mini items. Super cool product.

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