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Pocky - 4 Flavor Variety (SET B)

Pocky - 4 Flavor Variety (SET B)


This is a great way to try 4 different Japanese Pocky flavors at a reduced price. We have released this in anticipation of "Pocky Day" which is November 11. Since November is the 11th month, the four numerals look like 4 long Pocky sticks (1111) This day is quite well known with kids around all of Japan.

The FOUR packs you will receive in this set are: Kuchidoke Premium Cocoa, Crunchy Strawberry, Rich Butter, and Thin Gokuboso Milk Chocolate. Package designs may differ slightly due to production runs. The weight of each packs are: 62, 55, 77.6, and 75.4 grams respectively. This set won't be around for long since a couple flavors are special seasonal editions. There are two individually wrapped packs of sticks per box. Long shelf life of mid 2022 and beyond, so snap some up and save for a later date. 

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