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Puccho Candy - Jujutsu Kaisen Rich Grape

Puccho Candy - Jujutsu Kaisen Rich Grape


For any Jujutsu Kaisen fans out there, this is a fantastic confectionery collectible. There is even a character card in each pouch (9 cards in the series.) The colorful purple grape chews have a very rich flavor with blue gummy candy embedded inside. The packaging on this limited edition release is wonderful on both the outside and inside. They are individually wrapped in random Jujutsu Kaisen character foil. These have a long shelf life so stock up. Would make a great gift or personal treat.

45 grams

Puccho has become a huge hit in Japan and there are usually 5-10 different flavors available throughout the year. Mix and match and find your favorite flavors.

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