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Puccho Soft Candy Chews - Ochazuke (Plum Green Tea)

Puccho Soft Candy Chews - Ochazuke (Plum Green Tea)


Ochazuke is a popular Japanese dish where a green tea flavored base is poured over hot rice which is topped off with ingredients such as diced sour plum, shrimp, fish, seaweed, and pickles. These Puccho don't disappoint because inside the soft candy they are loaded with these topping flavors which give them a crunchy texture. Very limited edition release with a long shelf life so stock up. Would make a great gift or personal treat.

52 grams

Puccho has become a huge hit in Japan and there are usually 5-10 different flavors available throughout the year. Mix and match and find your favorite flavors.

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