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Puccho Soft Candy - Muscat Grape (w/ Cat Eraser)

Puccho Soft Candy - Muscat Grape (w/ Cat Eraser)


This limited edition flavor of green muscat grape Puccho has soft gummy candy embedded inside. PLUS...this pack has a gift attached. Inside the mini box at the end of the pack is a cat pencil topper eraser (Nya-Keshi) which are so cute and come in 10 varieties. Maybe you will get lucky and get the mystery one. Collect them all. 

Puccho has become a standard name around Japan. Especially since they are released in so many different flavors. More gummy candy is embedded throughout each fruit flavored piece. Limited edition! 10 piece pack

Puccho has become a huge hit in Japan and there are usually 5-10 different flavors available throughout the year. Mix and match and find your favorite flavors.

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