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Sakeru Print Gummy Candy - MARVEL Peach

Sakeru Print Gummy Candy - MARVEL Peach


This unique Sakeru edition has Marvel characters printed on the surface of each piece. There are 14 characters in total. How many will you find in your pack?  We will select the packs randomly but if you order 3 we will get you one of each package design (yellow, red, and blue.) This fruity gummy is made to tear so that you can share it or eat it in smaller bites. The name "Sakeru" means to split. There are 7 delicious peach flavored strips in the shiny foil bag. These rippled looking gummy candies usually are available in a handful of flavors every year. We will stock whatever flavors are currently available. 
Long shelf life so stock up!

33 grams

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