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Tirol Chocolate - Mango & Annin Doufu Dessert

Tirol Chocolate - Mango & Annin Doufu Dessert


Inspired by delicious Chinese desserts, this limited edition dual flavored pack contains both sweet tofu dessert (Annin Doufu) and mango pudding. There is a lot of flavor and texture happening inside these deluxe releases. Inside you will discover a soft marshmallow filling along with a tasty syrup. Each packet contains seven delicately wrapped mini chocolates that will surely satisfy. Limited Edition so act fast! 42 grams

Tirol releases a dozen different flavors each year, some regional and some very unique. We will always try to have a half-dozen varieties on hand for you to enjoy. Best before dates are always at least 3-6 months out so you can be confident in eating fresh chocolate.

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