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Tirol Chocolate - Vegetable Mix

Tirol Chocolate - Vegetable Mix


Are you brave enough to try these unique vegetable flavored chocolate morsels? In each pack you will find: Corn, Tomato, and Edamame (Soy Bean) flavored chocolate. This unique mix will only be available for a short time so why not experience something new while you can? The centers are all different textures depending on the flavor. The outer chocolate differs on each too. Each packet contains seven delicately wrapped mini chocolates that will surely satisfy. Limited Edition so act fast! 42 grams

Tirol releases a dozen different flavors each year, some regional and some very unique. We will always try to have a half-dozen varieties on hand for you to enjoy. Best before dates are always at least 3-6 months out so you can be confident in eating fresh chocolate.

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