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Tirol Chocolate - Yuzu Pepper (4 mini pieces)

Tirol Chocolate - Yuzu Pepper (4 mini pieces)

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Freshness date is end of June 2019. A very interesting way to flavor chocolate as you experience both a citrus and spicy pepper flavor at the same time. Yuzu Kosho is a popular flavoring used in all sorts of Japanese dishes. We really love the beautiful wrapper but absolutely love the complex flavor profile of what is inside. The crunchy biscuit inside the green chocolate creates a nice texture. Four individually wrapped morsels are just waiting to be devoured (4 x 8 grams = 32 grams)

Tirol releases a dozen different flavors each year, some regional and some very unique. We will always try to have a half-dozen varieties on hand for you to enjoy. Best before dates are always at least 6 months out so you can be confident in eating fresh chocolate.

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