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zz-- Playboy - 2005 Compact Mechanical Pencil --zz

zz-- Playboy - 2005 Compact Mechanical Pencil --zz


In Japan, Playboy is known as a designer label rather than the men's magazine. The iconic Playboy bunny is seen on all sorts of clothing and accessories here, especially among students. This cute and compact mechanical pencil is new-old stock from 2005 which has bunny graphics wrapped around it and has a shiny metal bunny head charm attached to the end. It measures 10 cm long (about 4") It is made of durable plastic and metal. There is a pencil lead already inside and they can be replaced from the top (0.5 mm.) Quite a nice collectors pencil for that Playboy fan. There is the official Playboy official goods seal on the back of the package. NEW and SEALED.

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