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zz-- Pokemon - Retro Hard Boiled Egg Yolk Shaper --zz

zz-- Pokemon - Retro Hard Boiled Egg Yolk Shaper --zz


This rare 1990s era Pokemon kitchen tool is no longer made yet this one is NEW in its original box! You can create hard boiled eggs that have 4 different Pokemon character shaped yolks. Slice them up and then decorate your bento box to a different level! People even use these to make Jello shapes. The instruction booklet is in Japanese but there are similar products on the market that have English instructions.

Here are the instructions given on a different but similar item on an Amazon listing: 

Step 1 Brush cooking oil on the mold. (a little amount)

- Step 2 Use the separator provided to separate yolk and white of raw eggs. Retain both in 2 different small bowls.

- Step 3 Remove the plastic design core from each of the cups. Add to each cup approx. 1.35 oz. of egg white (or about 1 egg for each cup). Re-insert the design core to each cup. Notice the lock and click feature that secures them when cooking. Be sure you have clicked cap to the right after inserting to mold. Tip - Do not add the egg white to the top, leave some space, as the egg may be a little expanded when hard boiled.

- Step 4 Submerge the entire egg mold into a pot of boiling water taking care that the water level comes to top edge of the mold. Let the egg white cook in the water for 10 – 12 minutes and remove from heat. Tip - do not boil with too high temperature, as when boiling too hard, the water may get into the uncooked egg. TIP - Egg white should be allowed to cool in the mold for a few minutes before you pull out the design core. You now have your shape in the center of each egg white to add raw yolk.

- Step 5 Pour the raw yolk, approx. 1 ounce per each cup (see proportion of the white egg).

- Step 6 Remove just the design core, leaving only the locking cap piece.

- Step 7 Secure the top with the locking cap, again clicking in place by turning to the right. Submerge the mold again for another 8 minutes to cook the yolk. Allow to cool.

- Step 8 Remove the locking cap and then push from bottom the entire cooked egg out of the mold cup.

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