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Japanese Chewing Gum - Options Galore

Bubble Gum Chewing Gum Fit's Gum Lotte Xylitol

Japanese Chewing Gum Variety
On my first visit to Japan I was overwhelmed by the selection of products in every type of industry. From electronics stores to household shops or from supermarkets to convenience stores, it seems that there are hundreds of choices for whatever is on your shopping list. 
For candy lovers, Japan is the ultimate place to shop as the selection is even more diverse. By browsing our store you probably already have seen a great sample of this. That is because napaJapan always keeps on top of the newest, weirdest, tastiest, and most popular products. Our customers also give us listing suggestions which helps keep our inventory exciting, fun, and relevant.
If we break down the candy category even further to chewing gum, we expose even more wonderful flavors, collaborations and formats.
So let's run through a few types of chewing gums available in Japan:
Glamatic Floral GumRose Fuwarinka Chewing Gum
Beauty Gum:
This corner of the gum market has been blossoming over the past few years. Fragrance filled gums with blends of flowers and fruit are very popular with women. They are even marketed with health beneficial properties. Glamatic and Fuwarinka are two of the most well known names out there.
Xylitol Grape GumXylitol Lime Mint Gum
Xylitol Gum:
One way to sweeten gum without adding as many calories is to use Xylitol, which is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. In Japan, this sugar alcohol based substance is added to many gums and candies. The Lotte Xylitol brand is available in a handful of fruit and mint flavors every year. They are a perfect gum to give your mouth a quick freshen up.
Bubblicious Cola GumWata Gum Ramune
Bubble Gum:
Since blowing bubbles is not such a common thing in Japan and can even be considered rude, the availability of soft gum is not so vast. Bubblicious was once popular but now we find smaller alternatives such as Felix The Cat brand or Wata Cotton Candy that transforms into gum.
Fits Peach GumFits Metal Slime Gum
Long Lasting Gum:
When you are searching for both uniquely flavored and long lasting gums, look no further than Fit's. There are usually a dozen different types out at any given time. They often do collaborations with popular animation characters resulting in some cute and collectible packaging. 
Gum is very light so the shipping costs are not so expensive. You can put together large gum orders and not break the bank. We intend to add more and more selections as the manufactures release them so please check back often.
Happy chewing!

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