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Terms & Conditions

Please understand the following section before making a purchase:

Your Purchase

All goods purchased on napaJapan are meant for personal use and not resale. napaJapan is not a wholesaler and all goods are purchased fresh and sealed from retail outlets within Japan. Products are never opened or tampered with while in possession of napaJapan. All products are stored at recommended temperatures and humidity and never past their expiry date. Most products have packaging with only Japanese language labelling. If you require a detailed ingredient list please email us before you purchase.

Personal Data

napaJapan does not have access to your credit card numbers. All payments are made through the ultra-secure PayPal site. napaJapan only retains email and postal addresses.

The email addresses are used for communication between napaJapan and its customers. The postal addresses are used for shipping information. These are never made public to anyone outside of napaJapan.

Return Policy

Due to the nature of the goods napaJapan offers, napaJapan does not accept returns on any items. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

All orders are securely packed and sent out promptly. Insurance is available only through EMS shipping. napaJapan will not be responsible for lost or damaged items unless insurance was purchased.

Shipping Times

We typically ship out all orders within 48 hours after time of purchase. Weekends and Japanese holidays will create short, additional delays since the post office is closed on those days. Please understand that once your parcel is shipped from napaJapan we have no control over delivery times. That is why we provide an estimated delivery time range on our checkout page. "Business Days" do not include weekends or holidays. There are a variety of reasons why a parcel can be delayed including Customs checks, busy postal seasons (X-mas), incorrect or incomplete addresses, attempted deliveries (in which the parcel is returned to your local postal outlet to await pick-up) etc. If your order seems late, it is important that you first check in at your local post office.

Tracking Orders

EMS is the best shipping option for door-to-door online tracking. Registered mail is another option however there is no insurance included on it. Your tracking code will be sent to either your PayPal account or to your email address within 24hrs after the parcel ships. Basic SAL and AIR shipping options do not have tracking but are very reliable. It is extremely rare to lose a package or see damage to one.

Product Safety

If you have allergies to certain food products it is very important that you email us first before you purchase the products napaJapan offers. In any rare instance of a product recall you will be notified immediately via email and a full refund will be given. If any of the products you received from napaJapan are not sealed properly or past the expiry date please do not consume and contact napaJapan.

Limitation of Liability

napaJapan and its staff is not liable to you for any direct or indirect damages occurring from any mistakes on the website or for injury or damage caused from the products in the parcel that is sent to you. Please order at your own risk as all product labels, and ingredient lists, are printed in the Japanese language. If you have a food allergy or concern of any ingredients, and cannot read Japanese, you must contact us first before ordering.

Product Package Designs

napaJapan displays the most current version of a product unless stated otherwise.

There are times when graphics different than pictured in our product galleries are displayed on the package due to promotions, campaigns, and events. If you are a collector of Japanese product packaging it may be a good idea to contact us first to ensure you receive the package style you are anticipating.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

Since napaJapan ships to all over the world our customers are responsible for determining whether products are allowed into their respected countries. Also, napaJapan is not responsible for paying any duties that may be incurred during the Customs Inspection Process within our customers' country. napaJapan does not collect any taxes on the products napaJapan sells that are being shipped outside of Japan.


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You may not use any of these aspects in whole or in part without the written consent of all those involved at napaJapan. Other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners.