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Do you have a physical store in my country?
napaJapan is an online shop and has no physical store.
Can you send me sample products so I can promote your site on my blog or YouTube?
We get numerous requests for this so it impossible for us to fulfill each one. Our advertising budget is set up well in advance of the following calendar year. It covers payments to 3rd parties that we choose for any promotion. We really appreciate you mentioning our site but we don't expect it. We take pride in making sure you are happy with our service and the goods we offer.
Why are you are not returning my messages?
We return all messages however it is possible the SPAM filter in your email is turned on which may not recognize our email address thus automatically filtering our emails from your inbox.


Do you offer wholesale pricing?
napajapan is not a wholesaler. All products are purchased at the retail level and are intended for personal use by the customer (not for resale.)
Can you offer bulk-buy pricing?
Since our products are intended for personal use (not for resale) we offer pricing based off of Japanese retail costs.
Why is your pricing different for similar items?
Pricing is reflected by supply and demand. Regional products cost more to procure even if they have the same brand name. Our margins cover all of our expenses and profit.


Do you ship to my country?

If your country is not listed in the checkout area please contact us to add it.
How long does it take to ship to my country?
Shipping length will depend on the method you choose at checkout. UPS and EMS takes 5-8 business days. Airmail takes 7-15 business days. SURFACE MAIL (sea-mail) can take 8-12 weeks. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. Please add processing time (next question) to these estimates.
How long does it take to process my order?
Typically we process orders within two business days from receipt of your cleared payment. Payments for orders received after 2:00 pm EST Thursday will be shipped on the following Monday, Japan time. Please note that Japanese holidays differ from Western holidays so there can be additional delays. From time to time we take a short break to recharge our batteries but we will notify you of any processing delays in advance when this occurs.
Has my order shipped yet?
You will receive a notification via email on the day your order ships. If you do not receive an email please be sure to check the sensitivity of your SPAM filter. At times unrecognized email addresses are filtered from your inbox to a spam folder.
Where is my order?
We all want to receive our orders quickly but we must acknowledge the postal system is a complicated connection of transport companies. The estimated times of delivery for each shipping service are just that. Many unforeseen events can delay orders arriving on time. These include Customs checks, back-ups during holiday seasons, poor weather, delivery attempts with nobody home etc. We recommend you purchase tracking for your order if you want to know where your order is at all times. Please choose UPS, Registered Mail, or EMS for tracking.
Where can I find my tracking code?
If you choose UPS, Registered Mail or EMS as a shipping option, napaJapan will send your tracking code directly to your email account. You can track your parcel here: >Parcel Tracking<  if Japan Post was used. Usually the tracking code will also work on your country's postal website too. UPS tracking will be sent to you immediately after the label is printed.
Can you offer shipping discounts?
Our automated shipping calculator takes into account the exchange rate, weight of the product, packaging, packing material, and box. napaJapan has no way of getting a discount through our local post office so we cannot reduce shipping prices. Please note that heavy items such as soda add a lot of cost to shipping.
I only received part of my order. Where is the rest of it?
If you choose Small Parcel Airmail as a shipping option there are restrictions to the size of the parcel. The gross weight Small Packet Airmail must weigh less than 2 kg and the 3 sides of the box must not exceed 90 cm when added together. If your order exceeds these restrictions we will need to ship your order in multiple boxes. These boxes will likely ship out on the same day however they may arrive a few days apart from one another. EMS and UPS has no size or weight restrictions.
Will I receive my order if the address I have on PayPal differs from the address I provided at checkout?
napajapan ships to the address you provided at checkout on our site. If you choose a tracking service the message you receive from PayPal may inform you that it shipped to the PayPal address. This is not the case so please ignore such messages.
Can you mark my item as a gift with a low value so I don't have to pay Customs fees or duties?
We mark all goods 'For Personal Use' on the Customs form. The value will be estimated at a common Japanese retail price so it is unlikely you will have to pay duties unless the order is very large. UPS orders require that we attach the original invoice which means the value will be what you paid.


Can you provide instructions in English for the candy kits?
Most candy kits have pictorial instruction on the back panel and a simple search on YouTube will provide you with the best video instruction.
Can you provide an ingredient list in English?
If you have allergies or there are ingredients you cannot consume, it is important you contact us before you purchase the items. We can provide ingredient lists however it may take some time for the translation. Please note that most candy kits and chewy candies contain gelatin which often contains animal fats.
Can you send Japanese alcohol or cigarettes to my country?
Sorry but these items cannot be shipped through the mail system.
How often do you restock items?
If items are available in our area we will list them. Japanese products turnover many times per year so please be sure to get them as soon as you see them. Sometimes they are only available for a few months.
What are the best before dates?
We stock fresh items as our inventory turns over quickly. Most candy has a shelf life from 3-12 months while the salty snacks have a shelf life of 2-8 months. The dates on the products are not expiry dates but rather freshness dates.
My goods were damaged in transit... what should I do?
Please do not throw away or consume the products. Take photos and contact us immediately. EMS protects orders with insurance.
Do you take special order requests?
Yes, our customers are really in touch with Japanese goods and we encourage you to suggest items you want to see listed on our site. Not all are possible to list due to logistics and supply issues but we will try our best.


Can I pay in currency other than US dollars?
All of our pricing is in US dollars. PayPal or your credit card company will automatically convert the amount to your local currency. 
Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept most major credit cards through the Shopify payment gateway.
Do you accept money orders or cash?
Please contact us before directly for the possibility of making payment outside of credit card or PayPal.

Limitation of Liability

napaJapan and its staff is not liable to you for any direct or indirect damages occurring from any mistakes on the website or for injury or damage caused from the products in the parcel that is sent to you. Please order at your own risk as all product labels, and ingredient lists, are printed in the Japanese language. If you have a food allergy or concern of any ingredients, and cannot read Japanese, you must contact us first before ordering.