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Popin' Cookin' Fragrant LAB Candy Kit (2023 Version)

Popin' Cookin' Fragrant LAB Candy Kit (2023 Version)


Now everyone can be a scientist in the most fun way! "Kaori Labo" Fragrant Laboratory candy is a DIY creation where you combine four different flavored syrups to make mystery flavored mini jelly balls in a fizzy drink! You can easily make these mini gummy orbs by simply mixing the powders with water. You then use the dropper to fill the contained molds. You can make six vibrant colors that then can be mixed in with the "shuwa-shuwa" fizzy powder packet to end with a colorful and tasty soda drink. You will find strawberry, peach, soda and grape included. When you mix them you will discover more flavors! 18 grams

There are both picture and written instructions (Japanese) on the back panel. You can also find video instructions on YouTube.

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