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Calbee 'Kata-Age' Potato Chips - Scallop Soy Sauce

Calbee 'Kata-Age' Potato Chips - Scallop Soy Sauce


"Kata Age" means hard & fried and that is exactly the texture you will enjoy with this popular Calbee potato chip variety. With this limited edition release your tongue will enjoy the flavor of grilled scallops (hotate) with a soy sauce seasoning. It apparently pairs very well with the sake shown on the front of the bag. Calbee has been pleasing mouths in Japan for some time. A perfect spicy and mellow snack with just the right amount of crunch. It is easy to plow through this bag in no time. Check out some of the other chip flavors we offer. Best before dates are usually 2-3 months out.

60 grams

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