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Calbee Ripple Potato Chips - Pizza Cheese

Calbee Ripple Potato Chips - Pizza Cheese


We were lucky to find a small batch of VERY RARE and FRESH Calbee Pizza Potato Chips. On some Japanese online auctions, these bags are selling for $15 a bag! The Hokkaido potato shortage was to blame for the shortage since Calbee decided to discontinue this product until further notice. Our small stock has best before dates of August 5, 2017.

These potato chips are loaded with tons of flavor and texture! Not only are the chips rippled but they have actual cheese bits on them along with many seasonings. A lovely pizza flavor and majorly addictive! Calbee makes the best potato chips in the nation, IMO. Please check out some of the other Potato Chips we offer.

77 grams

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