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Frito Lay Tortilla Chips - Shrimp Mayonnaise (Pizza-La)

Frito Lay Tortilla Chips - Shrimp Mayonnaise (Pizza-La)


Ebi (Shrimp) Mayo is a popular pizza topping in Japan and that is exactly the flavoring you find here that coats the crunchy tortilla chips. These sure look like Doritos! Heck...they are even shaped like Doritos. Wait!!! They are made by Frito Lay too? Yes folks...These are pretty much Doritos but branded separately as a collaboration with a famous national pizza chain called Pizza-La. Limited Japanese edition. Beautiful bag for collectors.

Each year, Frito Lay Japan releases about 10 different flavors. Please keep checking back to stay up to date on the latest.

65 grams

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