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Kocha Kaden - Strawberry Chocolate Royal Milk Tea

Kocha Kaden - Strawberry Chocolate Royal Milk Tea


Seasonal Winter Edition! For a limited time, Kocha Kaden is available with a strawberry chocolate infused flavor. The royal milk tea is made by Coca Cola and has been getting more and more recognition outside of Japan due to its excellent balance of tea and milk creating a fantastic beverage. Our customers have spoken and we have listed it. You just may want to treat yourself to this before it is gone forever! Freshness dates through the end of April, 2018.

410 ml slim plastic PET bottle.

Keep checking back for all your favorite beverage brands and flavors.

** NOTE that full beverage bottles are very heavy so shipping costs will be much higher than for typical candy. We must pack these securely to prevent damage, so packing material will also add weight to your parcel. **

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