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LOOK Chocolate - DINER Choco Marshmallow

LOOK Chocolate - DINER Choco Marshmallow

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Suggested Freshness date is end of May, 2024. Enjoy milk chocolate which encases mini marshmallows, sugar coated almond bits, along side micro black cookie crunchy biscuits. We love the retro American themed packaging on this special edition version of LOOK by Fujiya! The DINER series focusses on dessert flavors you might have found years ago.

The box is designed to be cut out and folded into a mini background display.

There are 6 individually wrapped chocolates in each box. Please act quickly as this will likely sell out quickly.

42 grams

LOOK chocolate usually contains hidden treasures of delicious centers. Fujiya is one of the most well-known candy makers in Japan. High quality ingredients and accurate flavors make customers come back for more.

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