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Moko Moko Foaming Candy Toilet Kit - Ver.4

Moko Moko Foaming Candy Toilet Kit - Ver.4


Put together a mini plastic toilet, add the water & powders to the tank, and stir the bowl. Watch the delicious foaming candy expand from the bowl. Two flavors included: Cider and Strawberry. Very edible! Very odd! Very cute! **WE RANDOMLY CHOOSE THE COLOR unless you order more than one, where we will try to send different ones. This character series has a toilet back-drop that you cut out from the outer box.

There are 3 colors and 4 types: #1 WHITE - Bentarou #2 WHITE - Bengorou #3 PINK - Mocorepomyupomyu #4 BLUE - Mokoretto

You can always refer to YouTube video instructions if you are unsure of the process. There are seals inside to decorate each toilet with a face. After you eat the contents you can clean the toilet and use it as a cute mini plant pot or storage for mini items. Super cool product.

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