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NeruNeruNeruNe Candy Kit - PREMIUM Otona Strawberry

NeruNeruNeruNe Candy Kit - PREMIUM Otona Strawberry


NeruNeru has been around for 30 years so the first generation of kids who ate this are now adults. This special PREMIUM strawberry flavor is aimed at those older sweet-tooths and parents. Now they can relive the fun DIY candy eating experience with the more adult taste and aroma of rich wine grapes (no alcohol inside.)

A fun 3-Step Candy Kit where you create the final product! If unusual colorful candy is your thing you must try this product. Fluffy, sticky, sweet, and fun. All steps are laid out in graphic form on the back of the package. You can also check out YouTube for video instruction.

Only 1 scoop (included) of water is needed in step 1. The rest is easy to figure out. To eat, dip the gooey mixture into the colorful candies. Fun Fun Fun...or Sticky Sticky Sticky! Either way, it is yummy.

19 grams

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