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Pepsi - NEX II CLEAR Cola ( Fat Blocking)

Pepsi - NEX II CLEAR Cola ( Fat Blocking)


This is a first of its kind in the "healthy soda" category. In Japan there have been an increasing amount of soft drinks with high fiber and fat blocking attributes.This CLEAR Pepsi Cola has a lighter taste and is zero calorie. It is marketed that this stabilizes ones glucose level and increase the absorbance of nutrients. Basically it is good for digestion and is recommended to drink with a meal. An interesting collectible for the avid cola fan! 

Pepsi Japan has been releasing 2-3 unique flavors annually (spring and autumn) over the past few years.

490 mL

** NOTE that full soda bottles are very heavy so shipping costs will be much higher than for typical candy. We must pack these securely to prevent damage, so packing material will also add weight to your parcel. **

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